gsutil 下载错误 serviceexception 401 anonymous caller does not have storage objects list

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使用浏览器访问 Google Cloud Storage,有一些存储需要登录谷歌账号才能访问,使用 gsutil 下载或者访问这些资源时,会出现:401 匿名调用者没有存储对象列表的错误。如下:

$ gsutil -m cp -r "gs://waymo_open_dataset_v_1_2_0/" .
ServiceException: 401 Anonymous caller does not have storage.objects.list access to the Google Cloud Storage bucket.
CommandException: 1 file/object could not be transferred.


使用gsutil config命令获取 Cloud Storage 的访问凭据,并写入一个 boto/gsutil 配置文件其中包含获取的凭据以及许多其他配置可控值。参考gsutil config 官方文档


$ gsutil config
This command will create a boto config file at
C:\Users\Administrator\.boto containing your credentials, based on
your responses to the following questions.
Please navigate your browser to the following URL:
In your browser you should see a page that requests you to authorize access to Google Cloud Platform APIs and Services on your behalf. After you approve, an authorization code will be displayed.

Enter the authorization code: 4/1AX4XfWjTqe2CzuheTvIJ-Ibq123RHl7-kp2XygdJoXDz5BZbFjaCkLgflg

Please navigate your browser to,
then find the project you will use, and copy the Project ID string from the
second column. Older projects do not have Project ID strings. For such projects,
 click the project and then copy the Project Number listed under that project.

What is your project-id? quickstart-1123408928142

gsutil developers rely on user feedback to make improvements to the
tool. Would you like to send anonymous usage statistics to help
improve gsutil? [y/N] y

Boto config file "C:\Users\Administrator\.boto" created. If you need
to use a proxy to access the Internet please see the instructions in
that file.

按照命令的提示,分别输入登录授权后的 authorization code 和 project-id 即可。


$ gsutil du -hs "gs://waymo_open_dataset_v_1_2_0/"
1.82 TiB     gs://waymo_open_dataset_v_1_2_0
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